The girl behind the camera.

Hi all!

I wanted to introduce myself. I am Danielle Ervin. Enjoy this little photos of myself. Throw back to the summer freckles. I don’t get in front of the camera now too much. But when I do, I soak up every minute of it!

I own Memories in a Snap Photography. I wanted to be the first one to welcome you to my blog! How exciting! 2019, I know will be a promising year for us. A year for growth and experience.

I am young to be in the field of photography already. But I am loving and learning every single second of it. I am a college student at a local University. My dream in life is to be a full time photographer. Which is why I started my business. I have always had a love for photography. But nothing too obvious of my passion till recently. Since I was a teenager, I loved creating new Instagram feeds that are creative and all match. You know, that middle school girl vibe on Instagram. Haha I was very passionate about fashion during this time. I saved up all my money from a summer job and bought myself a nice camera. My goal was to start a photography blog. Which I did! I wasn’t very good at it though. I tried for about a couple months and I didn’t get very far. The only people even reading my posts was my mom...haha My sister was my “photographer” for my blog. I would tell her when to press the button on my tripod and she would. Or I would have her actually take the photo. We would be there for a while till I felt it was good. But man she did a good job for a 8 year old! I was practicing with my lighting for one shoot on to blog when I accidentally took a really good photo of my sister. That photo is still my favorite photo I have taken. Ever since then I have loved taking photos of people.

  I love everything there is about photography. I especially love the people I work with. My clients are some of the best people around! I love, love hearing about what makes them, them. The people are my favorite part of photography. I get to meet all different types of people. But they all come together with their family, to take photos. I get to see how families and couples  interact with each other. Such a precious moment I am able to capture for them.

  Okay, enough about photography. Let me tell you some more about myself. I am a middle child. Any other middle children out there?! You all know how that life is haha. I make up 2% of the world. Red hair and blue eyes. I have the most amazing boyfriend, who you will see photos of in my Instagram stories. He is the good lookin guy in all my Insta stories. He is another main reason why I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a full time photographer. Forever thankful for those people who told me that I should keep my dreams of photography, and supported me!

I grew up in Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey and I also moved all over Ohio. Most of my childhood was in Ohio, which is where I currently am. My dad works in higher education, so we move quite a bit. I have the best family around. We have been through many, many trials in our life already. We stay strong and stick together through it all. I grew up in a Christian home, so I have a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father. He is the most important aspect of Danielle Ervin. I want before I die to have people look at me, and not see me but see God living in me. I want people to see the love of God just oozing out of me. That right there is one of my goals in life.

I hope you learned a little bit about what makes Danielle, Danielle. I would love it if you would reach out to me, and introduce yourself. Tell me a little about yourself, and what brought you to my blog. I love hearing from people!

Wishing you all the very best,


Psalms 18:30

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