Memories in a Snap Photography Senior Rep Program 

What is a senior rep?

A senior rep is someone who is approaching the summer of their senior year. The senior must be local to Dayton, Ohio. There will be a group of senior reps that represent Memories in a Snap Photography. You will represent the brand and be the face of the senior portrait for advertisements. You must book one, one hour session. You may book more than once a year but a minimum of once throughout the year. You will also be allowed one outfit change. I hand edit all the photos and then will be delivered digitally by a custom made online album that you will receive within one week after the session. You will be given access to download the entire album. If you wish to print the photos off you must go through my professional printing lab. The prices per print are very reasonable. You must post at least one photo from the session within one week after receiving the album. You must tag Memories in a Snap Photography Instagram/Facebook account in order to be counted as a completed task. Once the task is completed you will receive your first rep perk! If you refer a friend and they book any type of one hour session while you are within the program you will receive your choice of any $20 gift card.

Throughout the year you will be invited to senior rep only events. I will hold a few mini sessions throughout the year for you to participate in. I will be bringing a hairstylist, as well! Free of charge! You must participate in one mini session. However, I will be flexible due to recent times. These will be free mini sessions! You will receive digital download access to 5 images from each mini session. If you wish to download more photos there will be a charge for additional photos/entire album. You must post at least one image within one week. I will also be holding some charity events. Due to uncertain times with COVD I am unable to figure out exactly what the event will hold. The charity events will not be mandatory. 

You must apply for the 2022 Senior Rep Program, and meet the criteria for the reps. I will collect a handful of reps to represent my brand, so do not be afraid of a select number of applicants! Tell your friends to apply and let’s have a shoot together! Let’s make the most of your senior year!

In order to hold your one hour session you must pay a down deposit fee of half your session cost. Once the payment has been received you are officially booked for that date. If unforeseen weather or any other cancellations we will reschedule with no extra charge. You will then receive a senior style guide which will help you create the perfect outfit for your session! The day of the shoot the remaining balance will be due. No photos will be released until all payments have been made. 

Criteria for Senior Reps:

Must Be a Class of 2022 Senior

Must Be Local to Dayton, Ohio

Must Book One Session with Memories in a Snap Photography

Must Have Completed the Online Application

Parents or Students Must Have Social Media to Post On

Must Be Willing to Meet 

Must Have Parental Consent

Tasks Expected as a Rep:

Post Photo(s) Within One Week of the Session Gallery Release Date

Hand Out Your Rep Cards if You Wish to Win Gift Cards

Attend a Minimum of One, One Hour Session

Attend One Mini Session

Benefits for Reps:

15% Off Entire Session(s) 

Digital Download Access to Entire Album

Senior Rep Card to Hand Out 

Free Mini Sessions 

Chance to Earn $20 Gift Card

Great Community

Charity Events

Please email/message me for a contract to sign!