I always get asked what to look for from a photographer's standpoint when deciding upon a venue. My answer is to choose a venue that matches the photo style you want to achieve! This will ensure your wedding photos fit the style you are dreaming of! For instance, if your walls and ceiling are white, it will create a softer or airier look vs. a dark barn with wood, which will create a darker and orange tint to the photos. Be sure to check out your photographer's full albums at venues similar to the one you are considering. If you are planning on having your ceremony inside a church, be sure you have seen inside photos from your photographer so you can be positive they are still the right fit for you. 

If you have a tent wedding that serves as a venue. It is very simple look, you can create many styles from the basic tent. You can drape twinkle lights for a soft, romantic look. You can put up flowers on the chandeliers to add another level of elegance. Tents allow for many opportunities to create your perfect style with the benefits of having your dream wedding protected from possible weather issues. 

Another critical factor is shade. Does your venue have shaded spots that are separated? If you are not doing a first look, it is essential to have two shaded locations far away from each other to allow for family portraits and your bridal party before the ceremony. If your venue doesn’t have two locations, it is absolutely fine, but it does cause a loss of time if you are on a short timeline. Another benefit of having two separate shaded areas at your venue is creating variety in your photo album! 

Lastly, having a space for your bridal party and you both to get ready is so important. It saves time from stopping at other locations for hair and makeup and losing people between different stops. It also creates opportunities for authentic photos of getting ready. Lighting and space in a getting-ready space are also huge factors, and not just for your photographer. Your hair and makeup artists also need light and space, especially if they don’t bring a ring light. I hope these tips are helpful in creating your dream wedding!