Cody+Leigh Anne Courthouse Wedding

I wrapped up my 2022 wedding season with this very special courthouse wedding! It was such an honor to shoot this intimate winter wedding. They had family come and witness this precious event in the courtroom. It was one of the most laid-back weddings, yet still so much beauty and memories. Evelyn gained a stepmom, and it was crystal clear how excited she was! One of my favorite images of the day was taken after her dad and stepmom said, "I Do". She was radiating joy! Cody and Leigh Anne are genuinely meant for each other. I mean, just look at the happiness on their face! They hire a photographer to capture this special moment. This wedding was the perfect end to my 2022 season!

You do not always need a big fancy wedding! Your wedding should be EXACTLY how you want it. If you want a huge wedding, go for it! If you want a small wedding, go for it! Some of my favorite weddings to photograph are small and intimate ones. You do not have to let the wedding fuss and money get in the way. You can feel free to break the wedding trends and do what YOU want to do! All that matters is you are marrying the love of your life, and it will be beautiful!